Friday, January 3, 2020

Post-Holiday Catch-Up

NOVEMBER 2019: RUFO'S DOG published "Thanks for the Memories."
DECEMBER 2019: TALES FROM THE MOONLIT PATH published "On an Open Fire."
JANUARY 2020: EMERGING WORLDS published "Who the Hell is Freddy Stanton?"
JANUARY 2020: "Soul Food" is published in the anthology Year One.

"Hangman" will be published in the anthology Scary Stuff.
"The Day Almost Nothing Happened" will be published in an anthology of time stories.
"The Gift" will be published in the anthology Cosmic Crimes.
THE NO-SLEEP PODCAST will publish "Under the Coats."
SIRIUS SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE will publish "Fourteen Candles."

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"The Clog"

 In the works: The Ghost Orchid Press anthology Hundred Word Horror: Beneath will feature my story "The Clog." 

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