"Good Breeding"

Anthology DrabbleDark II will feature "Good Breeding," in addition to "On an Open Fire."

"Past is Prologue"

This 100-word story will be published by Alban Lake for their drabble contest.



"The Choice"

Fabula Argentea will publish this reprint story in January 2019.

Moondance Awards

Four awards at the Moondance International Film Festival:

Winner - Short Stories category [“The Return of Cosmo Draper”]; 

Finalist - Short Screenplay category [“The Curious Affair at the Arkwright Club”];

Finalist - Short Stories category [“The Day Hondo Found That Rare Bottle of Wine at Sullivan’s Tap and Eating Establishment”]; and

Finalist - TV Pilot category [“Noah’s Bark”].


This anthology will feature "On an Open Fire."

"The Fixer"

Wild Musette Journal has published this story.

Catching Up

- Crimson Streets has published "Biography."- Fabula Argentea has published "Switch."- The anthology DrabbleDark has published "Head Case."- Hypnos will publish "The King's Prerogative" in October.- The anthology Chronos will publish "Tock" and "Calendar Girl."- The anthology Sins and Other Worlds will publish a reprint of "About Time."

And We're Back

Technical difficulties have kept this blog down for a bit, but I think they're finally resolved. Trying to whip it into shape now.

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